Dannielle Brent

Dannielle Brent

Actor Bio

Dannielle Brent, also known as Danielle Brent is a British actress who played the prisoner Natalie Buxton on the television drama series, Bad Girls.

Her first TV role she got was in The Bill in which she appeared in one episode as Kelly Sumner.

Brent began her acting career famously when she was 18 by landing a part as lesbian eco-warrior Gina Patrick in Hollyoaks. Since then, Brent has starred in Dream Team as Jennifer Taylor, One Man and His Dog as Danielle, Casualty as Sharon Court and in Bad Girls. It was through Bad Girls she became more known. She played Series 7 and 8’s biggest bitch, as psychopathic Top Dog Natalie Buxton who was killed by rival Pat Kerrigan (Liz May Brice).

In March 2012, she gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Thea with her long- term partner, Eran Creevy.

Actor Information

  • Born: September 19, 1979
  • Age: 43 years old

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