Elle Young

Elle Young

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Elle Young is a Chicago-born “triple-threat” with girl-next-door charm and an extensive performance history. The 6x former NBA cheerleader & track athlete is also a NASM-certified personal trainer, with specialties in corrective exercise and weight loss.

The once energetic 5yr old Elle would rather spend her Sundays imitating a tackle from a Bears game or playing with her plastic Nerf basketball hoop attached to the bedroom door, over watching cartoons. Later inspired by the uncanny storytelling of Vin Scully, the wit and energy of John Madden and the female presence of Pam Oliver, Elle decided sports reporting would be her career. Scooping up small gigs as a play-by-play announcer for dirt bike racing & BMX, Young would further hone her interviewing skills as an entertainment host, live MC & red carpet correspondent, which eventually led to live hosting opportunities in the NBA & MLB.

She has lent her skills to Feld Entertainment as a pit reporter & field correspondent for the MonsterJam franchise. Most recently Elle’s televised work and love for the basketball caught the attention of Albert Hall of HallPass Media, who invited her to broadcast and report live on the NBA Summer League and Adidas Uprising AAU Championships, alongside some of the sport’s most elite athletes.

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