Fátima Baeza

Fátima Baeza


Licensed by the Royal School of Dramatic Arts of Madrid Fátima Baeza has extensive experience as a theater actress. She had also done small roles in several television series (Farmacia de guardia, Hermanas, El comisario) until she had the opportunity to become one of the protagonists of Hospital Central. Her role in this series, that of the nurse Esther García, is the one that has made her known among the general public and that she has interpreted from the 1st Season until the 18th Season where she would abandon the series in a definitive way.

She has participated in several shorts and numerous plays and has also appeared as a guest on several television programs such as Lo + Plus, Ana Rosa’s program, Las mornas de Cuatro or Pasapalabra (September 2007) and April 2008, among others.

Her partner is also the actor Guillermo Ortega (Here there is no one who lives, La que se avecina), which coincided when both studied interpretation in the RESAD. In 2005 they worked together in the short film “Queridos reyes magos” by Tirso Calero.


  • Born: May 22, 1973
  • Age: 50 years old


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