Jazmine Franks

Jazmine Franks

Actor Bio

Jazmine Franks is a British actress best known for playing Esther Bloom in Hollyoaks from 2011 to 2018. She is also notable for her role as teenager Kirsty in the 2006 miniseries Johnny and the Bomb. She has also appeared as Jane Morris on the ITV miniseries The Second Coming, on the Channel 4 comedy-drama series Shameless and on the BBC One drama The Street.

Whilst in Hollyoaks, Franks was involved in a highly publicized storyline where her character was bullied by her classmates. The soap worked with several charities to ensure the storyline was portrayed accurately. In 2018, Franks opted to leave the serial and Esther departed on 31 April 2018.

Actor Information

  • Age: 27 years old
  • Birth date: February 20, 1992


There is 1 character listed for this actor; none are dead.

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