Julieanna Marie Goddard

Julieanna Marie Goddard


Julieanna Marie Goddard is an actress, known for Survivor’s Remorse (2014) and Skee TV (2015).

Julieanna Goddard best known as “YesJulz,” is an entrepreneur, global influencer, talent manager, philanthropist, and social media powerhouse boasting over half a million followers on Instagram.

Although the New York Times dubbed Julz as “Snapchat Royalty,” success across multiple platforms is something the CEO of 1AM Entertainment has grown accustomed to. Her mantra “NEVER NOT WORKING” has exhausted the ‘dusk till dawn’ mentality and has thrusted her career into overdrive.

As the founder of 1AM Vibes, an entertainment company created to bring an authentic atmosphere to every city, Julz has also developed a marketing company (1AM Creative) and record label (1AM Entertainment the Label).

YesJulz is taking on bigger projects and filling bigger roles such as managing 070 Shake, a breakout artist featured on Kanye West, Pusha T, and Nas’ recent albums. 1AM Entertainment the Label is looking to set the tone for the new record label model of the digital age.



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