Keisha Zollar

Keisha Zollar

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Keisha Zollar is an actress-comedienne who is currently a Writing Supervisor on Busy Tonight. Previously, she was a staff writer on The Opposition with Jordan Klepper on Comedy Central. Keisha recently wrapped her third Comedy Central digital series as an actor and writer. She served as co-creator/producer for the socio-political podcast Applying It Liberally . As an actor Keisha has been seen on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, Comedy Central, NightcapMiddle of the NightThe Today Show, CollegeHumor, TVLand, FunnyorDie,, AboveAverage, MSNBC, MTV, and UCBComedy. As an actress, Keisha played the role of Sarah in Believe Her, a short about the moments after sexual assault. In addition, her comedy group Astronomy Club has a digital series with Comedy Central (Vulture Best New Comedy Series 2018). She has been featured by Glamour magazine, Fast Company, Paste magazine, etc, and has written for Bitch Flicks, FemSplain, and more.

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