Kim Berrios Lin

Kim Berrios Lin

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Lin is most recently known for her recurring role as Shirley Honrada, Mother of Mouse Honrada (Malia Pyles) and wife of Elodie Honrada (Lea Salonga) in ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’.

Other recent credits include ‘Better Nate Than Ever’ (Disney+), ‘Pose’ (FX), ‘New Amsterdam’ (NBC), ‘Almost Family’ (Fox), ‘Bull’ (CBS), and ’The Politician’ (Netflix).

Kim is proud ‘TaiwaRican’ (Taiwanese & Puerto Rican) with a family that could fill a small town.

She is also the founder of the award winning, socially conscious indie production company ‘And She Flew’, Co-Founder of the social justice theatre org ‘Colors of Community’, and holds an MFA from ‘The Actor’s Studio Drama School’. Kim is an ensemble member of ‘Barefoot Theatre Company’, ‘Labyrinth Theater Intensive Ensemble’, ‘Playful Substance’, and ‘Rock The Bells’ (sketch comedy writer & performer).

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