Leo Sheng

Leo Sheng


Born in Hunan, China, and raised by two moms outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Leo grew up as one of the only Asian kids in school. And, one of the only queer kids. Leo stood out from his peers, and for a while, struggled to really embrace it.

Leo came out as trans when he was 12 and started his social transition in middle school. With the support of a local group for queer and trans youth, Leo found a way to share his story and tell it in his own words. Through Instagram, Huffington Post Articles, and MTV Voices, Leo documented his medical transition and found a community of trans men and queer and trans people of color during his journey.

Since coming out, his activism has centered the narratives of trans people, particularly trans people of color; authentic representation in the media; and deconstructing gendered systems.



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