Max Skaff

Max Skaff


Alongside his career in the video/film industry in New York City, Maximus is also a multidisciplinary artist, dabbing in music under the moniker, Uncle Meg. He is currently working on a memoir written in 3rd person through multiple internal characters about his experience with mental illness, gender identity, and substance abuse. His Alternative Hip-Hop music has afforded him multiple SXSW showcases in 2015, 2016, & 2018, and he has performed at major venues in Brooklyn, such as Brooklyn Bowl and the Music Hall of Williamsburg. In 2016, not only did he release his debut 15-track album titled, ‘Bug’, but he also started going by he/him pronouns, beginning a deeply personal exploration with his gender expression, starting with his medical transition. ‘Can’t Stay The Same’, a ten track duet album with MC John Debt (Berlin, Germany), was his second studio album released in late 2017. The collaboration provided them with multiple press write-ups in publications such as the Huffington Post and explores the concept of life’s various transitions, twists, and turns, capturing the pain from growth and death.



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