Mouce Young

Mouce Young

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Mouce Young is known for her work on Lovely Little Losers (2014) and Bright Summer Night (2016).

Mouce (like the small furry rodent, yes) is a pigeon whisperer who has two pet pigeons, feeds pigeons, rehabilitates pigeons, talks to pigeons, draws pigeons, pats pigeons, and pigeons.

Sometimes she does some theatre. She has her BA in Theatre, as well as a Diploma in Performing Arts. In the last year of her degree, she played the Jailer’s Daughter from Shakespeare and Fletcher’s The Two Noble Kinsmen, which didn’t have quite enough pigeons for her liking, but was still excellent due to the mixture of mad, frenetic, and sexual energy of the character. This was where The Candle Wasters spotted her and made her an instant star and billionaire.

Mouce has no idea what is happening in the future and intends to carry on pigeoning, probably with some dinosaurs thrown into the mix.

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