Otmara Marrero

Otmara Marrero


Magic City native Otmara Marrero was born to be a star. Beginning her career as a professional dancer (including strutting her stuff for the Miami Marlins), Marrero quickly transitioned into acting. After snagging appearances on hit TV shows like Ballers, and in the movie War Dogs, alongside Jonah Hill, Marrero landed a coveted role in StartUp, a tech drama series set in Miami surrounding three strangers funding a tech company with dirty money.

Marrero joins the A-list cast (including Adam Brody, Martin Freeman, and Edi Gathegi) as Izzy Morales, a beautiful tech genius from Hialeah, Florida. But Marrero’s appeal—on and off the screen—isn’t just because of her remarkable acting chops or her knockout looks—it’s her desire to genuinely inspire viewers through her work, which has thus far captured the hearts of her rapidly growing fan base.




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Izzy Morales

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