Suzie Plakson

Suzie Plakson


Suzie Plakson is an American actress, singer, writer, poet, artist and coach. Born Susan Plaksin in Buffalo, New York, she was raised in Kingston, Pennsylvania. She attended Northwestern University.

She began her career on the stage, and played four characters opposite Anthony Newley in the national revival tour of Stop the World, I Want to Get Off. She also played Marquise Theresa Du Parc in the Broadway production of La Bête.

Plakson was a regular in the sitcom Love & War, playing sportswriter Mary Margaret “Meg” Tynan. She played four characters on various Star Trek series: a Vulcan, Doctor Selar, in “The Schizoid Man” (Star Trek: The Next Generation); the half-Klingon–half-human Ambassador K’Ehleyr in “The Emissary” (Star Trek: The Next Generation) and “Reunion” (Star Trek: The Next Generation); the Lady Q in “The Q and the Grey” (Star Trek: Voyager); and an Andorian, Tarah, in “Cease Fire” (Star Trek: Enterprise).

She played the blue brontosaurus real estate agent Monica de Vertebrae on Dinosaurs, as well as many other guest voices. Plakson has had various recurring roles in sitcoms such as Mad About You, Everybody Loves Raymond, and How I Met Your Mother. She has acted in movies such as Disclosure, Red Eye, and Wag the Dog.


  • Born: June 3, 1958
  • Age: 64 years old


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