Victoria Koblenko

Victoria Koblenko


Victoria Koblenko, born 19 in Vinnitsa, Soviet Union, is a Ukrainian-Dutch actress, presenter and columnist.

Drawing on her Eastern European background, she landed her first Russian-speaking role in TV series “Heritage”. In 2009 she got her second Russian-speaking role in the TV series “Sisters” which aired on the 1st Channel in Russia.

In 2009 Koblenko started shooting for the first season Dutch TV drama series entitled “Bloedverwanten” (“Blood Relatives”). Victoria plays the role of Laura in this series which was first aired on AVRO in 2010.

In 2010 she starred in an on-line mockumentary called “Nigel & Victoria”. In this series of eight short episodes, broadcast on YouTube, Victoria played herself in the role of an on-camera spokesperson. She made her stage debut in September 2010 with the theatre play “Retour Hollandse Spoor” from the National Theatre directed by Johan Doesburg.

Production of the TV film “Van God Los” started March 2011. Victoria played the part of Miranda. The film is directed by David Lammers for the BNN network. In 2012 another drama series voor BNN, “FEUTEN” has been filmed. Currently Victoria is shooting a third season Dutch TV drama series entitled “Bloedverwanten” (“Blood Relatives”).

Koblenko has appeared on several Dutch talk shows and entertainment programs, among them “The Weakest Link” and “Celebrity Mole”. She keeps close tabs on global developments, writing a column for the daily newspaper “Trouw” and reporting on events in, for example, Uganda and Ukraine, where she also served as an election observer.


  • Born: December 19, 1980
  • Age: 42 years old


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