Amy Fitzpatrick

Amy Fitzpatrick
Status Alive
Actor Rachel Roth
Show Titus (regular character - 2001, 2002)

Erin’s rebellious teenage niece who lives with Erin and Christopher during the third season after getting in trouble for beating her uncle (Erin’s brother, Michael) over the head with a skateboard. She lived with her drug addict mom (Erin’s sister, Kim) and her abusive alcoholic stepfather (Kim’s boyfriend, Bob), both of which were either too stoned or in jail too often to care for Amy. In “The Protector”, it was revealed that Amy was sexually molested by a man who offered to care for Amy while Amy’s parents were in jail (and the man is the father of a boy who harasses Amy at school). In “Errr”, it is revealed that Amy is a lesbian and has a girlfriend named Charlie.

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