Ash Graven

Ash Graven
Status Alive
Actor Ashly Burch rainbow
Show Final Space (regular character - 2019, 2021)

Ash is an extremely powerful, young Serepentian woman whose powers first emerged after she was forced to watch the snake god Werthrent devour her sister, Harp Graven, during a sacrificial ceremony.

In a fit of despair and rage, Ash’s powers were activated in a powerful energy blast, which inadvertently killed her parents. Following the traumatic experience, Ash ran away from her home, where she met her new family, her adoptive brother Fox, and her adoptive father Clarence, before joining the Team Squad soon after.

After going into Final Space with the rest of the Team Squad, Ash was slowly corrupted by the malevolent cosmic entity Invictus, and its manipulation tactics causes her to descend into madness and vengeance, resulting in her tragically betraying the Team Squad and aiding Invictus in its ultimate escape.

This page was last edited on October 7th, 2022.
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