Status Alive
Actor Jasmin Savoy Brown rainbow
Show Final Space (guest character - 2021)

Evra is introduced following Ash Graven through Final Space. Ash stops to question them on what they want, to which Evra says that they want to “mess stuff up”, and invites Ash to join them. Ash accepts their offer, and the two proceed to destroy various asteroids and a moon, causing a friendship to spark between the two.

Evra then takes Ash to see the Hidden Lights, their favorite spot in Final Space. Evra then gives themselves the name “Evra”, with some help from Ash. While watching the lights, Evra begins taking on various shapes and forms in hopes of finding one that Ash is the most comfortable with. Ash whispers something to Evra which causes them to take on a feminine humanoid form, causing Ash to start blushing.

Evra and Ash then hold hands as they watch the hidden lights together. Deciding to head back to the Galaxy Two, Ash asks Evra if they will meet again, to which Evra replies that they don’t do times and places, but it’s possible. Ash then says goodbye to Evra as she flies back to the Galaxy Two, as Evra stares up at her and says goodbye.

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