Glen Tilly

Glen Tilly
Status Alive
Actor Lachlan Watson rainbow
Show Chucky (recurring character - 2022)

Chucky and Tiffany’s non-binary child, who doesn’t like violence, and refrains from killing. Watson replaces Beans El-Balawi as Glen’s human body.

Unaware of their mother’s true identity as Tiffany, believing her to be Jennifer Tilly, their legal name is revealed to be Glen Tilly. After Nica Pierce accidentally shoots Glen after trying to kill Tiffany, they are taken to hospital where they are not expected to make it. To save their life, Tiffany transfers both their’s and Glenda’s souls back into their doll body. They then decide to rename themselves “G.G.” and go travelling to England to discover their roots.

This page was last edited on December 18th, 2022.
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