Kamikoshi Sorawo

Kamikoshi Sorawo
Status Alive
Actor Hanamori Yumiri
Show Otherside Picnic (regular character - 2021)

A sophomore at a university in Saitama Prefecture. She loves and has a wealth of knowledge about urban legends and real-life ghost stories. She enjoys exploring abandoned buildings, and discovered the existence of Otherside through a door she found while doing so. She doesn’t have many friends, but Toriko, who she met in Otherside, invites her to go there to explore, research, and earn money. Her mother instantly died in an accident, and her grandmother and father became devoted to a cult afterwards, causing her to repeatedly run away from home and explore abandoned houses to escape her disintegrating family, which was persuading her to join the cult, but after her grandmother and father died, she is now attending college on a scholarship.

This page was last edited on February 21st, 2021.
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