Kanzaki Akari

Kanzaki Akari
Status Alive
Actors Natsuki Rio
Lia Sargent
Show Battle Athletes Victory (regular character - 1997, 1998)

Born in Hokkaido, Japan on March 23, 4983. She is the daughter of Tomoe Midou, a former Cosmo Beauty. She’s determined to follow in the footsteps of her mother in order to be Cosmo Beauty. However; she is usually ditzy, clumsy, and sometimes a crybaby. Whenever she is embarrassed she hides in a cardboard box called “Akari House”.

It is revealed later, however, that she is not truly inept, but had very little confidence in herself and was unable to cope with the death of her mother. After she was demoralized by top student Jessie and retreated to her home, Ichino visited her and she returns to school with new determination, and then demonstrated a rapid improvement in skill, even defeating Jessie in the final exam race.

Towards the end of the series, after meeting several greater challenges and struggles, she becomes stronger and confident in herself, and successfully reaches the final race for Cosmo Beauty alongside her friend and teammate Kris.

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