Kat Carmichael

Kat Carmichael
Status Alive
Actor Dayle McLeod
Show Burden of Truth (recurring character - 2020)

Katherine “Kat” Carmichael is an Associate at Crawford Chang. A recent law school graduate and a Joanna-in-training, Kat gave up more lucrative opportunities to work for Joanna – the lawyer who took down Matheson Steel. She has a hard exterior and she’s territorial about her place at Crawford Chang, especially when her boss’ sister, Luna, shows up for her first day of work. Kat likes being Joanna’s number one lieutenant and she’s not going to give it up easily. However, Kat’s hard exterior is just the protective armour she put on after she buried her mother when she was fourteen. There’s a lot more to Kat, but she won’t let just anybody in.

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