Kenjō Kaname

Kenjō Kaname
Status Alive
Actor Kinoshita Sayaka
Show Strawberry Panic (recurring character - 2006)

Kaname is a very domineering, forceful, and devious girl who is also on the student council for Spica. She often likes to take matters into her own hands when Shion—or Kaname herself—does not get her way. Kaname apparently considers herself irresistible and has no interest in objections to the contrary. Much like Amane, her appearance and personality make her seem more masculine than feminine. She is later revealed to be jealous of Amane, who has effortlessly defeated her at everything since she first came to Spica. It is also suggested that she felt an attraction to Amane at one point, or at least that her self-comparison to Amane has become a central factor of her life.

Her main friend and ally is Momomi Kiyashiki, who is very much like Kaname in personality. In the anime, they share a sexual relationship and are in love with each other; they are the first explicitly lesbian couple depicted in the series. Together, they are the closest thing to antagonists in the story. Ironically, since Kaname is usually the instigator of their plans, she also seems to possess the strongest sense of personal honor, desiring victory through achievement, not forfeit.

Unknown to Shion, her current plot, with help from Momomi, is to help Spica gain the Etoile title. Also unknown to Shion, she apparently wishes to claim the title for herself and Momomi, which means she is scheming against Shion’s favored candidate as well. Her tactics have centered around disqualifying the only other candidate, Amane, by isolating her from her only potential running mate for the position, Hikari. She also has a tendency to favor self-aggrandizement over cooperation, and will go so far as to be a deliberate obstructionist if she does not get her way.

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