Kitaoka Yume

Kitaoka Yume
Status Alive
Actor Hirohashi Ryō
Show Kanamemo (regular character - 2009)

Yume is the mood maker of the group. Always bright and lively, but sometimes clumsy, she is definitely a free spirit and one of the warmer and friendly persons Kana meets. She is a bit immature and ignorant but has a very innocent heart. For example, she earnestly thinks that the “teru teru bozu” monk does in fact exist (this is the equivalent to someone thinking that Santa Claus is real).

She is an apprentice at a local patisserie, hence her fondness of everything sweet. She tends to sweeten every meal she cooks with heaps of sugar or chocolate, much to the disgust of everyone (however, only Yuuki willingly eats her food). Her love for sweets even extends to her wanting to be a pâtissier as a full time job.

She is dating Yuuki who she happily and openly loves. Yume is not afraid to express open affection for Yuuki, kissing her goodbye in public and hugging her whenever the mood takes her.

She also is a huge animal lover, likened to a cat by most.

Out of everyone else, Yume always takes the initiative to involve Kana in their activities and make her feel like part of their “family”. She also selflessly gives things to Kana whether they be essentials for living or simply little gifts.

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