Lilith Bathory

Lilith Bathory
Status Alive
Actor Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs rainbow
Show The Order (regular character - 2019, 2020)

A student at Belgrave University and a member of the Knights of Saint Christopher.

Lilith used to be in The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose and was a close friend of Alyssa Drake. The two take their test together and get promoted to Medicum at the same time. Due to an error, Lilith was expelled and her memory of The Order was erased.

Lilith became the champion of Timber after the death of Cassie. The night she said the oath, she spent the night with Hamish and Randall getting drunk. After Hamish and Randall passed out, she went to the Hide locker and carved her name into Timber’s crate.

Lilith is the most aggressive and short-tempered of the Knights. Among her companions, she is the most dedicated to the cause of fighting evil magic, admitting that she would not know what to do if she could not be a Knight. Lilith is the least averse to killing to meet the cause, even seeming to enjoy it.

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