Luisita Gómez

Luisita Gómez
Status Alive
Actor Paula Usero rainbow
Shows Amar es para Siempre (regular character - 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)
#Luimelia77 (regular character - 2020)

Daughter of Luisa and Ignacio, of the Gómez family, Luisita was born while her parents were hiding as maquis on Mount Cerro Moreno. After this tragic event, Manolita undertook a tireless search for her niece and, finally, managed to bring her back home. The Asturians raised her as their own daughter. Luisita was always a happy girl and fully aware of her origins. In fact, she thought it was normal to have two sets of parents, one in heaven and one on earth.

After she met Amelia Ledesma, Luisita had to rethink everything.

Luisita is present in two shows and one mini-series, Amar Es Para SIempre, #Luimelia77 (both referenced above), and #Luimelia. the spin-off. In the spin-off, Luisita is essentially the same character, with the same family, except the show takes place in 2020. While her family remains the same her relationships to other characters and events from the 70’s show have changed and therefore, her character profile has been split into the 1970’s Luisita (here) and the modern day Luisita.

This page was last edited on January 31st, 2021.
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