Maya Mari

Maya Mari
Status Alive
Actor Tomatsu Haruka
Show Samurai Flamenco (recurring character - 2013, 2014)

One of the members of the female idol group Mineral Miracle Muse, who serves as the composer and lyricist. Her talents and bright, energetic personality makes it easier to get along with everybody. She becomes a magical girl called Flamenco Girl, later Flamenco Diamond, of the Flamenco Girls, and knows that Masayoshi is Samurai Flamenco. As opposed to Masayoshi’s traditional sense of justice, Mari uses a more brutal, vengeance-based method of taking down criminals. Mari has a fetish for men in uniform, as she begins to blush whenever she sees Hidenori wearing his police uniform and tries to get him to dress up for her. After being kidnapped and tortured by King Torture, Mari develops a distant, angry personality and a hatred for superheroes, living and hiding at Hidenori’s apartment. She later explains to her companions that she went into hiding out of shame and feelings of inferiority towards Moe, reconciling with her friends and taking up the Flamenco Diamond identity once more. She is 18 years old.

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