Molly Milkovich

Molly Milkovich
Status Alive
Actor Madison Rothschild
Show Shameless (US) (guest character - 2013)

The half sister of Mandy, Mickey, and the other Milkovich children. She first appears in season three when she calls the Milkovich house trying to contact her father, Terry, claiming that her mother has died. Lip convinces a reluctant Mandy to go and get her, and Molly then stays with the Gallagherswhile Mandy tries to figure out what to do with her.

It is revealed that Molly is not, in fact, a girl, but born male and raised as a girl by her mother. She is seemingly oblivious of this situation by saying, “Oh yeah. That’s just my girl penis”. When Debbie says it looks exactly like a boy penis, Molly adds, “But I’m a girl, so it’s different”.

When the Gallagher children are all taken into foster care it is unclear where Molly goes, but then in that same episode Mandy tells Lip that Molly’s mother had turned up; it turns out she was not dead at all, and that Molly had run away. Lip expresses concern that Mandy simply let Molly’s mother take her, claiming Molly must have had a reason to run away.

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