Sakamachi Kureha

Sakamachi Kureha
Status Alive
Actors Hanazawa Kana
Caitlynn French rainbow
Show Mayo Chiki! (regular character - 2011)

Kinjirō’s younger sister who is a first year in high school and loves wrestling. She is a member of the handcrafting club. After watching and following Kinjirō and Subaru, believing him a male pervert cross-dresser, she attacks Subaru to reclaim Kinjirō, only to be quickly defeated.

After this incident, and still believing Subaru to be male, she falls in love with Subaru, much to Kinjirō’s chagrin. While tomboyish most of the time, she tends to try and act feminine when Subaru is around. Her crush continues after she learned Subaru is a woman.

Due to her father dying from an illness she gets extremely worried whenever her brother gets sick.

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