Sam Malloy

Sam Malloy
Status Alive
Actor Aidan Mitchell
Show The Riches (regular character - 2007, 2008)

Sam, the youngest Malloy child, is transgender and frequently dresses in feminine clothing. Sam’s gender expression is accepted and respected by their parents and siblings. On their first night in the Rich home, Sam draws a large mural on a bedroom wall depicting the family’s recent adventures, including the car accident and Dahlia’s release from prison. In addition to artistic skill, Sam is interested in French and very earnest about getting a good education. Like the rest of the family, Sam appears to be very clever and adept at trickery. In episode 3, Sam is the key player in an elaborate con of Dahlia’s to get the Malloy children into Rosemere Academy. During the season 1 finale, Sam expresses reluctance and even denial in leaving Eden Falls.

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