Sumizome Akemi

Sumizome Akemi
Status Alive
Actor Nomizu Iori
Show Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha (recurring character - 2014)

Inari’s classmate, described as being extremely pretty and very popular with the boys. She loves school and homework and is usually a kind polite person who thinks of others especially her friends. However, she has a surprisingly ferocious temper, especially when wanting to protect her friends. Her parents are often shown as busy and her father is a transvestite, making life for her difficult as she has no one to talk to and had to rely on herself. Originally outcast due to her looks, Akemi has developed a close friendly bond with Inari. She develops feelings for Keiko, but chooses to cover it since she thinks people will see her weirdly as love between girl and girl is strange. After some encouragement from her friends, she eventually decides to accept her own feelings. While Sanjou rejects her, the two still remain friends.

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