Tsuyuzaki Mahiru

Tsuyuzaki Mahiru
Status Alive
Actors Iwata Haruki
Maggie Flecknoe
Show Revue Starlight (regular character - 2018)

Karen’s best friend and roommate who is very shy despite her great talent. Throughout her childhood, Mahiru was praised for her talent on the stage and with a baton, winning many awards. However, after transferring to Seisho Academy, she realizes how inferior she is compared to others and began relying on Karen as a means of support.

She began regaining her confidence after battling Karen in the “Revue of Jealousy”. She realises she can shine on her own talents and merits. Despite this, she is still admires Karen and dreams to become her stage partner, becoming jealous towards Hikari due to them being childhood friends. She harbours a crush on Karen as well.

She fights using a mace.

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