Viktor Hargreeves

Viktor Hargreeves
Status Alive
Actor Elliot Page rainbow
Show The Umbrella Academy (regular character - 2019, 2020, 2022)

AKA “The White Violin”, AKA “Number Seven”, Formerly “Vanya”

In season one Vanya is a meek violinist with no apparent supernatural abilities, which somewhat alienated Vanya from the others. In reality, Vanya possesses the power to convert sound waves into destructive force, an ability their father suppressed with drugs to keep others out of danger.

This backfires creating season two. Vanya’s powers explode, the apocalypse happens, and Vanya ends up in 1962 with no memory and another impending apocalypse. Of course Vanya also finds love in a bored housewife, so it’s not all bad.

In season three, the Umbrella Academy are back in the right time, but the wrong universe. Vanya cuts his hair and takes the name Viktor, as that’s who he always was. His siblings take it very well.

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