Violet Crosby

Violet Crosby
Status Alive
Actor Frances de la Tour
Show Vicious (regular character - 2013, 2015, 2016)

Violet has been friends with Freddie and Stuart for many years. While sometimes being coarse or aggressive to Violet, Freddie and Stuart do actually care for her well-being, which shows when Violet journeys to Argentina to meet her internet boyfriend Ignacio, who ends up fleecing her. Violet is rather promiscuous, and when she first meets Freddie and Stuart’s upstairs neighbour Ash, she becomes attracted to him. Violet is married to a low-life named Jasper in Series 2, and she hasn’t seen him in months. Violet gives up on her marriage after speaking with Jasper’s six ex-wives, and they divorce after he makes a scene at Freddie and Stuart’s wedding.

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