Status Alive
Actors Sisse Marie
Ben Sullivan
Show Siren (recurring character - 2020)

Like the rest of his tribe, Yura was born female and after some years, he became the leader of the tribe.

At first, Yura was hostile and rather cold towards the others, especially Ryn, due to the tribe’s isolationism. He initially refuses to help Ryn, Ben, Maddie, and Robb with the war against Tia as his tribe is already dealing with the crisis of females unable to transition to males at a pool. Unlike most of the merfolk, he is more trusting towards humans as his tribe helped them out during a harsh winter when there were food shortages. After the pool gets cleaned and Yura completes his transition, he and his mermaid warriors express gratitude towards the others and offer to help them out. He is also forgiving as he allows Robb to rejoin the tribe, knowing that he had done it to save his species and tribe.

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