100 días para enamorarse

100 días para enamorarse


Laura and Antonia, best friends since adolescence, decide to put their love bonds to the test. Despite being very close, they are very different. Laura is a successful upper class lawyer, a lover of organic food and a sometimes naive mother. Antonia is a strong working class woman, who raised her daughter by herself.

Laura is married to Gastón while Antonia has a relationship with the father of her daughter, although both consider that their respective relationships have worn away with the passage of time.

Laura and Gastón decide to sign a contract to separate for a hundred days, with the aim of testing the love that once united them and, at the same time, discover other forms of love.

After Laura’s decision, Antonia decides to follow the same path.

Meanwhile, Antonia’s teenage daughter, Juani, decides to change her gender.

In 100 days to fall in love we will share the evolution of new families and couples in all their forms, trying to understand what we are talking about today when we talk about couples and love.


There are 2 queer characters listed for this show; none are dead.

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Recurring (1)

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