Romance TV Shows (


Oh the wackiness of love on TV. Why are they so silly?

The ‘Other’ Love Story star

Two young girls fall in love and they act on it without thinking twice There is a lot of stigma associated with such a relationship, but inside the heart, only love endures.

Airdates: 2016

The Adventures of Serena Berg star

An LGBTQ+ literary webseries based on Cyrano de Bergerac.

Airdates: 2016

Animal Warmth star

“Putting yourself out there” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Airdates: 2017

ANNE+ star

An Amsterdam based webseries about the turbulent love life of the young lesbian Anne.

Airdates: 2017 - current

Any Other Rosie star

A Modern Adaption of a Shakespeare Classic Romeo and Juliet…but with a twist.

Airdates: 2017 - 2018

Any Other Vlog star

Bianca Montgomery’s life as she encounters rivalries, love, and bad jokes.

Airdates: 2015

Army Wives

The show follows the lives of four army wives, one army husband, and their families.

Airdates: 2007 - 2013

The Better Strangers

You know when you’re young and your parents say “don’t talk to strangers”? Well they’re the better kind of strangers and want to hang out with you.

Airdates: 2016 - 2017

Between Women

A web series about the lives of 6 lesbians.

Airdates: 2011 - 2015

Bloom Into You

A confession of love has unexpected results.

Boy Meets Girl star

Comedy series about a couple who find love across the transgender age gap.

Airdates: 2015 - 2016

Brown Girls star

Think of it like Friends, only queer and with people of color. So … you know. Good.

Airdates: 2017 - current