In This Year - 2012


An overview of queer events that occurred in 2012.


321 Characters On Air


By Character Name

Name Show(s)
Abbey SmithMisfits (recurring character)
Abigail KincaidWhite Collar (guest character)
Adam TorresDegrassi: The Next Generation (regular character)
Adrianna Tate-Duncan90210 (regular character)
Akaza AkaneYuruYuri (recurring character)
Akizuki MariaFrom the New World (regular character)
AlexThe Newtown Girls (regular character)
Ali SpencerEmmerdale (regular character)
Alice ReynoldsRiver City (recurring character)
AliceSuperjail! (regular character)
Alison DilaurentisPretty Little Liars (regular character)
Allison YoungBetween Women (regular character)
AlyssaI Hate Tommy Finch (regular character)
AmalMinimum Wage (regular character)
Amanda MasonPan Am (recurring character)
Amber KaliraiCoronation Street (regular character)
Amy EnrightPerson of Interest (guest character)
AmyHouse M.D. (guest character)
Ana RivasAmar en Tiempos Revueltos (regular character)
Angela MontenegroBones (regular character)
Ani MartinVenice: The Series (regular character)
AnnThe Slope (guest character)
AnneGo On (regular character)
Anne OldmanA Touch of Cloth (regular character)
Anne ScottThe Secret Life of the American Teenager (regular character)
Antonia SalgadoCapadocia (regular character)
AprilHouse of Lies (guest character)
ArielUnicorn Plan-It (guest character)
Arizona RobbinsGrey’s Anatomy (regular character)
Asami SatoAvatar: The Legend of Korra (regular character)
Aster GastonAnyone But Me (regular character)
AthenaOut with Dad (guest character)
Auntie MommaThe Cleveland Show (recurring character)
AveryGirl/Girl Scene (regular character)
B.J. FletcherB.J. Fletcher: Private Eye (regular character)
BambiUnicorn Plan-It (regular character)
BenderGirl/Girl Scene (recurring character)
Betty McRaeBomb Girls (regular character)
Bine KernUnter Uns (recurring character)
Blanche MottersheadUpstairs Downstairs (regular character)
Bo DennisLost Girl (regular character)
BreeUnicorn Plan-It (guest character)
Brenda GaraySos mi hombre (regular character)
Brittany PierceGlee (regular character)
BrittneyGo On (guest character)
Callie TorresGrey’s Anatomy (regular character)
Carol RanceEpisodes (regular character)
Caroline McKenzie-DawsonLast Tango in Halifax (regular character)
CarriePortlandia (regular character)
Cat MacKenzieLip Service (regular character)
Catherine MartinRinger (recurring character)
Catherine MeyerVeep (regular character)
Catherine WalshBoss (recurring character)
Cece ParekhNew Girl (regular character)
Céline FrémontPlus Belle La Vie (regular character)
Cha ChaBob’s Burgers (guest character)
ChampBois (regular character)
Charity DingleEmmerdale (regular character)
CharleyThe Cavanaughs (regular character)
Charlie BradburySupernatural (recurring character)
Charlie BucktonHome and Away (regular character)
Charlie MayfieldArmy Wives (recurring character)
Charlotte DiLaurentisPretty Little Liars (regular character)
Christina O’HaraRiver City (regular character)
Claire DanielsOut with Dad (regular character)
Claire LyonsBreakout Kings (guest character)
Clara OswaldDoctor Who (regular character)
Clarice CarthageChicago Fire (recurring character)
Coach BeisteGlee (regular character)
Colleen Donaghy30 Rock (recurring character)
Connie CunamanBrickleberry (regular character)
Crickett WattsHart of Dixie (regular character)
Cristal BalesterPlus Belle La Vie (regular character)
Crystal PeppersChina, IL (recurring character)
Crystal WoodsBreaking Point (regular character)
Daenerys TargaryenGame of Thrones (regular character)
Daisy MurphyMiss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (guest character)
Dalia Oprah RoyceSuburgatory (regular character)
Danielle SpencerThe Bold and The Beautiful (recurring character)
Debbie DingleEmmerdale (regular character)
Debbie GallagherShameless (US) (regular character)
DesireeThe Slope (regular character)
Diana BerriganWhite Collar (regular character)
Diane ButcherEastEnders (regular character)
Diane NashPolitical Animals (guest character)
DoloresJeu de Dames (recurring character)
DoreahGame of Thrones (recurring character)
DorseyThe Throwaways (regular character)
Eleanor O’HaraNurse Jackie (regular character)
Elise BeaupréUnité 9 (regular character)
Elizabeth MacmillanMiss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (regular character)
Emily FieldsPretty Little Liars (regular character)
Emily GraceMurdoch Mysteries (regular character)
Emily LevinsonBeing Human (US) (recurring character)
Emily MahonFair City (recurring character)
Emmy SharpBreakout Kings (guest character)
Erika SanderVerbotene Liebe (regular character)
EstherSquaresville (regular character)
Esther BloomHollyoaks (regular character)
Evan DeverGirl/Girl Scene (regular character)
Evelyn HarperTwo and a Half Men (recurring character)
Evony Fleurette MarquiseLost Girl (regular character)
Fiona CoyneDegrassi: The Next Generation (regular character)
FionaThe Throwaways (recurring character)
Frankie AlanLip Service (regular character)
Franky FitzgeraldSkins (regular character)
FreshBois (regular character)
Freya WilsonDoctors (regular character)
Gail PeckRookie Blue (regular character)
GemmaA Touch of Cloth (guest character)
Georgia DrewB.J. Fletcher: Private Eye (regular character)
Gina BrognoVenice: The Series (regular character)
Gwyneth JonesPobol y Cwm (regular character)
Haddie BravermanParenthood (regular character)
Hadley HaleTrue Blood (guest character)
HarmonyUnicorn Plan-It (regular character)
Hayley CropperCoronation Street (regular character)
Heather LoobyHouse Husbands (regular character)
Helen LovejoyThe Simpsons (recurring character)
Helena G. WellsWarehouse 13 (recurring character)
Heli SievinenSalatut elämät (regular character)
HettyMiss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (guest character)
HollyTrue Love (regular character)
Ida DavisFamily Guy (recurring character)
Ikeda ChitoseYuruYuri (recurring character)
Ikeda ChizuruYuruYuri (recurring character)
Imogen MorenoDegrassi: The Next Generation (regular character)
IngridThe Slope (regular character)
Irene AdlerSherlock (recurring character)
Isobel PickwellBad Education (regular character)
Izumi ChikageAesthetica of a Rogue Hero (regular character)
JUnicorn Plan-It (regular character)
Jacqueline StewartBenidorm (recurring character)
JamesMisfits (guest character)
Jane Kerkovich-WilliamsHappy Endings (regular character)
Jasmin FlemmingGute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (regular character)
Jasmine GarzaContinuum (regular character)
Jasmine HollanderShameless (US) (recurring character)
JazzlynThe Throwaways (recurring character)
Jeanne BironUnité 9 (regular character)
Jen GilmoreHollyoaks (recurring character)
Jenna KamaraCoronation Street (regular character)
Jenna MarshallPretty Little Liars (recurring character)
Jenna NickersonSupernatural (guest character)
Jenna WatsonB.J. Fletcher: Private Eye (recurring character)
Jenna WernerSuburgatory (guest character)
Jenny DolittleBodacious Space Pirates (recurring character)
Jenny FlintDoctor Who (recurring character)
JillShameless (US) (guest character)
Jodie WildeHollyoaks (recurring character)
Joyce RamsayMad Men (guest character)
Julie MeyerLes Revenants (regular character)
Juliet FerriereFamille d’accueil (regular character)
KaiThe Slope (guest character)
Kalinda SharmaThe Good Wife (regular character)
Kanbaru SurugaMonogatari (regular character)
Karanomori ShionPsycho-Pass (regular character)
KarenTrue Love (regular character)
Karen JacksonShameless (US) (recurring character)
Karen SpencerThe Bold and The Beautiful (regular character)
Kate McKenzieLast Tango in Halifax (recurring character)
Katherine ChancellorThe Young and the Restless (regular character)
Katherine MayfairDesperate Housewives (regular character)
Kathleen DixonCasualty (regular character)
KeeshaUnicorn Plan-It (regular character)
Kim AkerholtOffspring (recurring character)
KingBois (regular character)
KorraAvatar: The Legend of Korra (regular character)
Kristina DavisGeneral Hospital (regular character)
KristinePortlandia (guest character)
KūkoNyaruko: Crawling with Love (regular character)
KūneNyaruko: Crawling with Love (recurring character)
Kunizuka YayoiPsycho-Pass (regular character)
KymThe Newtown Girls (recurring character)
Lakshmi ChoudryThe Big Bang Theory (guest character)
Lana DelaneyThe Good Wife (recurring character)
Lana JacobsShortland Street (regular character)
Lara MillerVenice: The Series (regular character)
LauraUnderemployed (recurring character)
Laura HalpinFair City (regular character)
Laure ValèreLes Revenants (regular character)
Lauren LewisLost Girl (regular character)
Léa LerouxPlus Belle La Vie (regular character)
Léa SoubireJeu de Dames (regular character)
Leah MurphyGrey’s Anatomy (regular character)
Leslie ShayChicago Fire (regular character)
LexieThe Newtown Girls (recurring character)
Lexy PriceLip Service (regular character)
LingGirl/Girl Scene (regular character)
Lisa SimpsonThe Simpsons (regular character)
Lorraine DonneganWaterloo Road (recurring character)
LucretiaSpartacus (regular character)
Lynn LambrettaBodacious Space Pirates (recurring character)
Madame VastraDoctor Who (recurring character)
MaddieThe Cavanaughs (regular character)
Madeleine EnrightPerson of Interest (guest character)
Maggie LinSaving Hope (regular character)
Maia JeffriesShortland Street (regular character)
Mandy MarquezDoctors (regular character)
MarcelaAmor e Revolução (regular character)
Marceline AbadeerAdventure Time (regular character)
Marcia PrincessThe Simpsons (recurring character)
MareiGame of Thrones (recurring character)
Marie LoganYoung Justice (guest character)
Marigold Gilchrist1600 Penn (regular character)
Marina CampobeloAmor e Revolução (regular character)
MarisaSos mi hombre (recurring character)
Marlene von LahnsteinVerbotene Liebe (regular character)
MarshmallowBob’s Burgers (recurring character)
Matty BartonEmmerdale (regular character)
Maxine MorganGirl/Girl Scene (regular character)
Maya St. GermainPretty Little Liars (regular character)
Melanie HansenNotruf Hafenkante (regular character)
MelindaThe Good Wife (guest character)
MelissaNew Girl (guest character)
MelodyPrivate Practice (guest character)
MiaHit & Miss (regular character)
Miller HarrisBetween Women (regular character)
Millie HarcourtThe Bletchley Circle (regular character)
Miss ViolaThe Simpsons (guest character)
Monica GallagherShameless (US) (recurring character)
Monica TalbotHouse of Lies (regular character)
Mr. GarrisonSouth Park (regular character)
MulanOnce Upon a Time (recurring character)
Myka BeringWarehouse 13 (regular character)
Myra McQueenHollyoaks (regular character)
NancePortlandia (regular character)
Nancy BotwinWeeds (regular character)
Naomi CampbellSkins (regular character)
NatalieUnderemployed (recurring character)
Natalie Hintmore-HarrisBetween Women (regular character)
Nicole GalassiniArmy Wives (regular character)
Nicole JacksonThe Killing (regular character)
Nicole MillerShortland Street (regular character)
Nikki BostonWaterloo Road (regular character)
Nina EinsteinCode Geass (recurring character)
Nonosaka MaoFuture Diary (regular character)
Nora GainesboroughTrue Blood (regular character)
Nora UnderwoodThe Secret Life of the American Teenager (regular character)
NowmeeOut with Dad (guest character)
OliviaThe Throwaways (regular character)
Olivia CharlesRinger (recurring character)
Ōmuro NadeshikoYuruYuri (recurring character)
OnyxBois (regular character)
Paige McCullersPretty Little Liars (regular character)
PamModern Family (guest character)
Pam PooveyArcher (regular character)
Pam RavenscroftTrue Blood (recurring character)
Patsy StoneAbsolutely Fabulous (regular character)
Patty BouvierThe Simpsons (recurring character)
Pia KochGute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (recurring character)
Portia AlresfordUpstairs Downstairs (recurring character)
Princess BubblegumAdventure Time (regular character)
Quinn FabrayGlee (regular character)
Rachel CallowayFamily Time (recurring character)
Rachel NorbertHouse of Lies (guest character)
Rae TysonBetween Women (regular character)
Rebecca MatternUnter Uns (regular character)
Rebecca von LahnsteinVerbotene Liebe (regular character)
Regi DarnellThe Killing (recurring character)
ReneeOffspring (guest character)
River SongDoctor Who (recurring character)
RobertaShameless (US) (guest character)
Roberta DraysThe Killing (recurring character)
RomeoBois (regular character)
RootPerson of Interest (regular character)
Rose MillerOut with Dad (regular character)
Rosie GulliverBad Education (regular character)
Ruby HaswellEmmerdale (regular character)
Ruby (Red) LucasOnce Upon a Time (regular character)
SadieNew Girl (recurring character)
SaintBois (regular character)
Sally FalconeFugget About It (guest character)
Sam MurrayLip Service (regular character)
Santana LopezGlee (regular character)
Sash BishopFair City (regular character)
SaxaSpartacus (regular character)
ScarletThe Newtown Girls (regular character)
Serena CampbellHolby City (regular character)
Shana FringPretty Little Liars (recurring character)
Shauna ChalmersThe Simpsons (recurring character)
Shimura TaeGintama (recurring character)
Sophia SwansonUnderemployed (regular character)
Sophie WebsterCoronation Street (regular character)
StephanieI Hate Tommy Finch (regular character)
Sugiura AyanoYuruYuri (recurring character)
Sunny WalkerBetween Women (regular character)
SusanModern Family (guest character)
Susan YoungbloodGirl/Girl Scene (regular character)
Susanne BrandnerVerbotene Liebe (regular character)
Tanja SchildknechtLindenstraße (regular character)
Tara ThorntonTrue Blood (regular character)
Teresa GarcíaAmar en Tiempos Revueltos (regular character)
Tess RobertsLip Service (regular character)
Texas LongfordHollyoaks (regular character)
ThirteenHouse M.D. (regular character)
Tilly EvansHollyoaks (regular character)
Tina PattersonBoss (guest character)
ToniPortlandia (regular character)
Tory ScottBreaking Point (regular character)
Trista BennetGirl/Girl Scene (recurring character)
Tyra DupreEmily Owens M.D. (regular character)
Wade ‘Unique’ AdamsGlee (regular character)
ValmetJormungand (recurring character)
Vanessa AbramsGossip Girl (regular character)
Vanessa LeMayOut with Dad (recurring character)
Vanessa WoodfieldEmmerdale (regular character)
Venus van DammeSons of Anarchy (recurring character)
Veronica FisherShameless (US) (regular character)
VeronicaThe Newtown Girls (recurring character)
VickUnicorn Plan-It (regular character)
Vivian McMillanAnyone But Me (regular character)
Watanabe SakiFrom the New World (regular character)
Wendy PeyserAmerican Horror Story (recurring character)
WilladeanThe Secret Life of the American Teenager (guest character)
Winney RiseBetween Women (regular character)
Yagyū KyūbeiGintama (recurring character)
Yara GreyjoyGame of Thrones (recurring character)
Yoshikawa ChinatsuYuruYuri (regular character)
Yoshikawa TomokoYuruYuri (recurring character)
Yvonne GleesonFair City (regular character)

By Show

Show Character(s)
1600 Penn (1)
30 Rock (1)
A Touch of Cloth (2)
Absolutely Fabulous (1)
Adventure Time (2)
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (1)
Amar en Tiempos Revueltos (2)
American Horror Story (1)
Amor e Revolução (2)
Anyone But Me (2)
Archer (1)
Army Wives (2)
Avatar: The Legend of Korra (2)
B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye (3)
Bad Education (2)
Being Human (US) (1)
Benidorm (1)
Between Women (6)
Bob’s Burgers (2)
Bodacious Space Pirates (2)
Bois (6)
  • Champ (regular character)
  • Fresh (regular character)
  • King (regular character)
  • Onyx (regular character)
  • Romeo (regular character)
  • Saint (regular character)
Bomb Girls (1)
Bones (1)
Boss (2)
Breaking Point (2)
Breakout Kings (2)
Brickleberry (1)
Capadocia (1)
Casualty (1)
Chicago Fire (2)
China, IL (1)
Code Geass (1)
Continuum (1)
Coronation Street (4)
Degrassi: The Next Generation (3)
Desperate Housewives (1)
Doctor Who (4)
Doctors (2)
EastEnders (1)
Emily Owens M.D. (1)
Emmerdale (6)
Episodes (1)
Fair City (4)
Famille d’accueil (1)
Family Guy (1)
Family Time (1)
From the New World (2)
Fugget About It (1)
Future Diary (1)
Game of Thrones (4)
General Hospital (1)
Gintama (2)
Girl/Girl Scene (7)
Glee (5)
Go On (2)
Gossip Girl (1)
Grey’s Anatomy (3)
Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (2)
Happy Endings (1)
Hart of Dixie (1)
Hit & Miss (1)
  • Mia (regular character)
Holby City (1)
Hollyoaks (6)
Home and Away (1)
House Husbands (1)
House M.D. (2)
House of Lies (3)
I Hate Tommy Finch (2)
Jeu de Dames (2)
Jormungand (1)
Last Tango in Halifax (2)
Les Revenants (2)
Lindenstraße (1)
Lip Service (5)
Lost Girl (3)
Mad Men (1)
Minimum Wage (1)
  • Amal (regular character)
Misfits (2)
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (3)
Modern Family (2)
  • Pam (guest character)
  • Susan (guest character)
Monogatari (1)
Murdoch Mysteries (1)
New Girl (3)
Notruf Hafenkante (1)
Nurse Jackie (1)
Nyaruko: Crawling with Love (2)
  • Kūko (regular character)
  • Kūne (recurring character)
Offspring (2)
Once Upon a Time (2)
Out with Dad (5)
Pan Am (1)
Parenthood (1)
Person of Interest (3)
Plus Belle La Vie (3)
Pobol y Cwm (1)
Political Animals (1)
Portlandia (4)
Pretty Little Liars (7)
Private Practice (1)
Psycho-Pass (2)
Ringer (2)
River City (2)
Rookie Blue (1)
Salatut elämät (1)
Saving Hope (1)
Shameless (US) (7)
Sherlock (1)
Shortland Street (3)
Skins (2)
Sons of Anarchy (1)
Sos mi hombre (2)
South Park (1)
Spartacus (2)
Squaresville (1)
Suburgatory (2)
Superjail! (1)
  • Alice (regular character)
Supernatural (2)
The Big Bang Theory (1)
The Bletchley Circle (1)
The Bold and The Beautiful (2)
The Cavanaughs (2)
The Cleveland Show (1)
The Good Wife (3)
The Killing (3)
The Newtown Girls (5)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (3)
The Simpsons (6)
The Slope (4)
  • Ann (guest character)
  • Desiree (regular character)
  • Ingrid (regular character)
  • Kai (guest character)
The Throwaways (4)
The Young and the Restless (1)
True Blood (4)
True Love (2)
  • Holly (regular character)
  • Karen (regular character)
Two and a Half Men (1)
Underemployed (3)
Unicorn Plan-It (7)
  • Ariel (guest character)
  • Bambi (regular character)
  • Bree (guest character)
  • Harmony (regular character)
  • J (regular character)
  • Keesha (regular character)
  • Vick (regular character)
Unité 9 (2)
Unter Uns (2)
Upstairs Downstairs (2)
Veep (1)
Venice: The Series (3)
Verbotene Liebe (4)
Warehouse 13 (2)
Waterloo Road (2)
Weeds (1)
White Collar (2)
Young Justice (1)
YuruYuri (7)
90210 (1)