Adriyan Rae

Adriyan Rae

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Adriyan Rae was born October 7th in the small city of Seaford Delaware, where she was raised with the ideals that someone can accomplish anything they set their hearts and minds to. She is of African American, German, Native American, and Venezuelan decent. That beautiful mixture created what is today’s model, singer, and actress whom is based out of Los Angeles California. It was 2013 when Adriyan was discovered on the internet, (Youtube and Instagram).

Adriyan says, “I never realized or really thought I was exceptionally talented vocally until I was discovered by representatives of one of the largest and most well known record companies in the world. I was like wait… What?!” It was just the beginning of the young and talented life of Adriyan Rae.

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There are 2 characters listed for this actor; 1 is dead.

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