Ashley Alva

Ashley Alva

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Ashley has loved acting since she was a kid. It’s been a lifelong passion which finally led her to pursue it as a career. She loves training in class and loves collaborating with like minded folks to create visually, and emotionally compelling stories. She has done several short films, a few Indie features, produced a short film, and co-created and starred in her show, Lost N Found.

You can catch her in the upcoming Netflix film Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock. She is also running wild through the festival circuit, making an appearance in the Indie feature flick, Sex.Sound.Silence. You will hopefully catch a glimpse of her in more festivals in the short film, Maw Kitty.

It’s her dream to be a respected, full time working actor who gives more to the world by helping the less deserving and opening her very own cat cafe which will serve as a sanctuary.

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tv-hdLost N Found (regular)
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