Bela Carrijo

Bela Carrijo


Bela Carrijo started studying and acting theater in Goiânia, where she stayed until was selected for an actor school degree at Rede Globo Television in Rio de Janeiro.

She premiered in TV with the character Sancha in the Microssérie “Capitu” under the Direction of Luiz Fernando Carvalho. In Rio she joined the ¨Teatro Íntimo” company under the direction of Renato Farias, where won the Mirian Muniz Prize with a show called “Adelia”. With this company, besides other shows, she participated in 3 documentaries.

She participated in the serie “Dupla Identidade” of Glória Peres with direction of Mauro Mendonça Filho. From the same director, she premieres in April 2017 the serie ‘Advogada do Diabo’. With the film ‘’702″ she was nominated for the award for best actress for the festival TMFF – GLASGOW UK with the character ”Giovanna¨, screenplay and direction of Rodrigo Lages.

She also casted the feature ‘’Amando a Carolina’’ as Carolina, an Argentine production with script and directed by Martin Viaggio.


  • Born: February 22, 1982
  • Age: 41 years old



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