Belinda Montgomery

Belinda Montgomery


Baby-faced Canadian actress Belinda J. Montgomery rose to television prominence in troubled-teen roles in the early 1970s. While she has been seen in but a handful of theatrical features (she played supporting character Audra Jo in the two fact-based Other Side of the Mountain flicks), Belinda has been remarkably prolific in the field of made-for-TV movies. Many of her small-screen films bear such lurid titles as D.A.: Conspiracy to Kill, Women in Chains, The Crime Club, The Hostage Heart;} her better works include the 1970 comedy-western Lock, Stock and Barrel (which should have been, but wasn’t, a weekly series) and the 1979 biopic Marciano, in which she played boxer Rocky Marciano’s wife Linda. She was also a regular on several series: she played Sylvie Gallagher on the daytime soap Days of Our Lives, Dr. Elizabeth Merrill in Man From Atlantis (1977) and Sarah Miller in Aaron’s Way (1988). If you missed any of those, you can still catch Belinda as the mother of the teenaged hero in reruns of the 1989-93 sitcom Doogie Howser MD; or, if you can track down a cable service running the MTV-inspired detective series Miami Vice (1984-89), you might spot Belinda in the off-and-on role of Don Johnson’s estranged wife. Belinda J. Montgomery is the sister of former child actor Lee H. Montgomery.

But before acting, Belinda was actually a watercolor artist having sold her first work at the age of 10 to a prominent news anchor on the CBC network in Canada. Art remained her passion but took a back seat to a long and fruitful acting career. Now she has found herself painting fulltime primarily in oil and acrylic as well as working in figurative sculpture.


  • Born: July 23, 1950
  • Age: 72 years old


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