Birgit Stauber

Birgit Stauber

Actor Bio

An Austrian-born actress, writer and choreographer. Though she initially thought she would follow the career path of her doctor dad, her love of all things theatrical (and a childhood crush on Danny Kaye) was proof enough that she would eventually give up her studies in medicine and step boldly into the spotlight. Her television debut was also her first leading role, “Mariandl” in the remake Alte Liebe – neues Glück (1996), playing side by side with Christiane Hörbiger and Fritz Karl.

In 1998 she won the German Rising Movie Talent Award and went to Los Angeles to study acting. Returning to Vienna, she finished her studies for directing musical theater – and moved to Berlin. Since then she has worked on numerous TV and film roles in Germany, Austria and throughout Europe.

Actor Information

  • Age: 46 years old
  • Birth date: May 13, 1974


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