Catherine Beauchemin

Catherine Beauchemin

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Catherine studied acting at L’École de théâtre de Saint-Hyacinthe, and has been gaining experience on stage and on-camera ever since. Upon graduating, she was cast as Sophie in Nonna, a short film directed by Pascal Plante (FNC, Slamdance, Berlinale). Other credits include La maison des folles, a web series directed by Mara Joly, and the second season of The Bold Type (ABC Spark).

On stage, she has been consistently developing her craft as an actress and a dancer. She had the opportunity to dive into Étienne Lepage’s and Frédérick Gravel’s universe in Thus Spoke presented during Fluid Fest 2017 in Calgary. In the summer of 2018, she worked on Big Mack, produced by Collectif Tôle and presented as part of the OFFTA lineup. In that same year, she also was a part of tertuliaNebula, a new play by Maxime Brillon which was directed by Emanuel Robichaud during the ZH Festival. In January 2019, she both translated and performed in Les Coleman-Millaire-Fortin-Campbell, a Théâtre à l’eau froide production presented at Salle Fred-Barry in the Théâtre Denise-Pelletier.

Athletic since childhood, she loves to explore the world of body language and physical sensitivity. Her diverse training (music, linguistics, dance) add to her experience as an actress and defines her as the whole and versatile artist she is today.

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