Christina Moses

Christina Moses

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Christina Moses (also known as Christina Marie Moses) is an American actress. She is known for portraying Jana Mayfield on The CW television series Containment (TV series). Moses also plays the role of Keelin on The CW television series The Originals (TV series). In 2016, she played leading role of Marie Walker in short film How We Met.

Moses took part in an ABC Talent Showcase at the Acorn Theatre in 2008. This lead to her securing an agent and she returned back to Los Angeles to flourish in her chosen profession. Christina booked roles in ABC Family’s “Twisted (TV series),” and The CW’s “Nikita (TV series).” She has worked in film projects such as Magic Time Productions, “Star Trek Voyages,” and Morphius Films, “Starship”. Moses’ first big break into the industry came when she auditioned for the role of Alana in Star Trek New Voyages winning the part. In 2014, Moses was casted as a series regular in the CW television series, “Containment (TV series),” created by show-runner Julie Plec.

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