Elaine Hendrix

Elaine Hendrix


Katherine Elaine Hendrix is an American actress, model, producer, singer, dancer, and activist. She is best known for her roles in the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap, Inspector Gadget 2, and the 2004 documentary What the Bleep Do We Know!?

After recuperating from her accident, Hendrix was cast in the short-lived 1995 Get Smart series. She has also appeared on the television series Joan of Arcadia, Friends, Ellen, Charmed and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and had a recurring role in Married… with Children, User Friendly (1995) and Lez Be Friends (1997). Films in which she appeared include Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, the remake of The Parent Trap, Superstar, the movie version of Inspector Gadget — Inspector Gadget 2, and What the Bleep Do We Know!?. In 2006, she also appeared in an episode of Ghost Whisperer and the movie Coffee Date. In 2008 Hendrix appeared in two episodes of the now cancelled ABC Family show The Middleman as Roxy Wasserman, a succubus who works as a fashion designer.

She was seen in “Criminal Minds” in season four, episode 11 (“Normal”, 2008) where she played a woman called Judy Hannity in a car accident caused by a man shooting her, but she survived. In 2009 Hendrix made an appearance on the ABC show Castle and in the film Rock Slyde (2009 Film).

In 2010 Hendrix played Felicia in the TriBeCa awarded film Spork.

Hendrix has also appeared as Renee on 90210 in Season 3 in “They’re Playing Her Song” and “Holiday Madness”. In 2014, she appeared alongside Charlie Sheen for a three-episode story arc as Warden Hartley in the FX sitcom Anger Management.

She can currently be seen in the web-series Fetching, which is also a nod to her love of animals.[2]

She also co-starred as Ava in the FX comedy series Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll with Denis Leary, Elizabeth Gillies, John Corbett, Bobby Kelly and John Ales.


  • Born: December 28, 1970
  • Age: 52 years old



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