Gloria Muñoz

Gloria Muñoz

Actor Bio

Her fondness for acting came to her as a child, because her father was an actor at Radio Madrid, and Gloria accompanied him many times when he made radio soap operas.

Her professional debut was in 1965, and she began in the theater, with the well-known company of Amalia de la Torre and Enrique Diosdado. The work he performed on that occasion was “Castañuela 70”. Since then, the actress has never stopped working on stage, with her career in this medium being very marked by independent theater. In addition, she has worked with prestigious directors, such as Mario Gas, Calixto Bieito or Gerardo Malla.

Gloria also has an extensive career in cinema, where she has worked on a large number of films. Also in this medium he has done it under the orders of some of the best directors in our film scene, such as Fernando Colomo in “La vida alegre”, Pedro Almodóvar in “La flor de mi secreto”, Miguel Albaladejo in “Manolito Gafotas” or Achero Mañas in El Bola.

Actor Information

  • Born: July 9, 1948
  • Age: 74 years old

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