Janab Kareem

Janab Kareem

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Janab Kareem is an Irish, African, and Asian American Muslim Actress. She was born in Ventura, California and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida.

She began modeling at the age of 17 in NY, but while visiting her home town she then decided to join the United States Coast Guard. While serving active duty in the military as a First Responder for Search and Rescue and Anti Terrorism, Janab decided to get a waiver through the military that allowed her to stay active duty while also working in the entertainment industry as a model.

Janab then competed in a national competition (MAAI) in NY where she placed first in three out of the five categories. From there she got the attention from multiple agencies nationally which allowed her to model nationally and internationally in print and run way.

A year before her 2nd term contract in the military was over, Janab then crossed over into acting. Since then she has been featured in film, TV, and commercials nationally and internationally as well as being an international humanitarian.

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