Julia Kelly

Julia Kelly

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Julia Kelly was named as “The Next Rising Star” in a 2014 New York Times Article! She is a diverse Actress, Social Media Celebrity, Fashion Icon, and Brand maker with close to 4 Million Fan-base. Her daily life is an open book for her dedicated fans to inspire and motivate them everyday!

Julia was also nominated as one of the Top 50 comedians in Digital Media. She has new projects completed, such as “The Deleted” , the lead in the new Tv series “In the Vault” on GO90 coming soon, and has built an impressive resume from CBS, MTV and other mainstream media.

She has trained extensively the past 8 years with many Acting classes and coaches in the Los Angeles area. Her ethnicity of Spanish, French, Irish, Choctaw Indian, Korean and Black give her an ethnic ambiguity to play many different cultural characters.

Having a large family and several nieces and nephew, and a sizable Female/Male fan-base, Julia realizes she has a lot of responsibility to be a role model for this younger generation in her life. Hard work, training and patience will help her to achieve her goal to have a long working career, playing many diverse characters in Television and Film.

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tv-hdThe Deleted (recurring)
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