Julie Marie Hassett

Julie Marie Hassett

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Former criminal prosecutor, and victims’ rights advocate, Julie is an actress, writer, producer and founder of Red Love Film and Foundation of Joy 501(c)3. Her previous work with nonprofits includes Outreach Director of Children of the Night. Julie founded Red Love Film with her younger sister Elizabeth. A part of their business model for producing film, was a philanthropic branch to marry cinema, art, and good works. Upon Elizabeth’s untimely death in pregnancy, Julie took the philanthropic part of Red Love Film she and Liz developed together and created the public charity, Foundation of Joy.

She is the creator, writer, and actress in Tempa KILL a comedy series on Tello Films, as well as a web series titled Happy Hour With Dori at The Dame’s Libation featuring her pop-up cafe; artisan cocktails, cooking, current topics and sketch comedy.

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