Justina Machado

Justina Machado

Actor Bio

Justina Machado is an American actress. Justina Machado is best known for her role as Darci Factor in the CW show Jane the Virgin. She is also known for her roles as Vanessa Diaz on the HBO drama series Six Feet Under, and as Brenda on the drama Queen of the South. As of 2017, Machado stars as Penelope Alvarez on the Netflix show, One Day at a Time.

On June 10, 2001, Machado auditioned for the TV series Six Feet Under and was cast as Vanessa Diaz, originally a supporting character, later evolving into one of the series’ main characters.

In the 2017 remake of One Day at a Time, Machado has received positive reviews for her role as a single mother raising two children and struggling with PTSD after serving in Afghanistan.

Actor Information

  • Born: September 6, 1972
  • Age: 50 years old

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