Katsuki Masako

Katsuki Masako

Actor Bio

Masako Katsuki (勝生 真沙子 Katsuki Masako, born Shiono (塩野)) is a Japanese voice actress and narrator formerly affiliated with Theater Echo and now with 81 Produce.

Following her debut in Shiroi Kiba: White Fang Monotagari as the role of Mary Scott, Katsuki has lent her voice to several notable anime, Japanese-dubbed films and TV series, games, drama CDs, narration, and commercials.

Some of her best-known roles include: Maria Von Trapp in Trapp Family Story, Reccoa Londe in Zeta Gundam, Maya Kitajima in Glass Mask, Masuyo Ikari in High School! Kimengumi, Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune in Sailor Moon and Tsunade in Naruto.

Actor Information

  • Born: October 15, 1959
  • Age: 61 years old
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